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About Aimia

Aimia is a one-man independent game studio. I like to play games and also likes making them. Although the development of games is the domain of big companies, I decided to create games my own way . I'm working on making the games more cute and better. I myself like games that you can play for free, so I do such games. My only source of income is advertising, so be kind when you will see some ads. Please also be nice if my English is not entirely correct. I'm not a native speaker.

You can support my work by playing my games, telling others about this site, sharing these pages with your friends on facebook, become a fan, watching the ad, sending a small donation via paypal, writing me an email etc. Many thanks for your help.

Life is a game. Enjoy the game!


16.2.2013 - New game Bobble Shooter

I finished my next game Bobble shooter. It is modification of classic game with survival mode. Goal is to play as long as possible. During play, game became fatster and so harder to play. The game contains hiscore table, so you can see how good you are :)

24.1.2013 - Play addictive game Bubble Shooter

I prepared fun minisite of my favorite game Bubble Shooter. It's best relax game :).

21.12.2012 - Goblins Wanna Star - Christmas tower defense game

Goblins wanna steal your Christmas star. Stop them all!. Play here Goblins Wanna Star.

4.12.2012 - Diffz Animals - spot the difference game for kids just released

I just released new small game – find differences game designed for small children. You can play it here. Feel free to share it.

8.11.2012 -New game BubbleDoms(Android version only)

I have just released a new game for Android devices - BubbleDoms. It is a modified version of the Bubble Domination 2. The game is free, so if you have an Android phone, you can download it directly from the Google Play here.

9.2.2012 - Valentine Sudoku

We prepared small sudoku game for St. Valentine's day. You can play it here.

11.12.2011 - Kids Sudoku - Christmas

We just released our other children flash game with a Christmas theme. You can play the game here.If you fancy this game, you can support us by sharing it on facebook or twitter.

21.11.2011 - Bubble Domination 2 - Windows Mobile version

We just released our first game on Windows Phone 7 mobile devices. It is an action strategy game with goal to conquer all the bubbles in the water world. The game can be played for free and if you like it, you can purchase the full version with more levels from the marketplace. More info.

08.04.2011 - Brainy Rab

We released this small education game. It was created specially for Easter holiday.

04.09.2010 - Bubble Domination

We create Bubble Domination, our arcade strategy game. The game was translated into Chinese language too.

01.06.2010 - Diamonds Diamonds

Diamonds Diamonds is minesweeper like game. With 3 difficulties and endless gameplay.

15.02.2010 - Running text

We created billboard text effect for Activeden portal. Here you can see .Running text

13.12.2009 - Christmas Angel

This small arcade child game was created for Christmas Holiday.

12.09.2009 - Submarine Fighter

We created our first flash game - Submarine Fighter. You can play it on our web or on other portals over the world